We started our sheep operation in 1995 with 20 Delaine Merino-Corridale ewes selected from my father-in-law’s flock of over 300 ewes.   Our flock grew to 95 ewes by 2005 but the prolonged drought in the Texas Hill Country necessitated a reduction in numbers to our current 55 ewes and 3 rams.  We acquired two outstanding 3/4 blood Rambouillet rams in 2011 years ago to improve the quality of our wool.  Our flock is on pasture throughout most of the year and on wheat or oat fields during the winter and early spring.  We generally provide additional feed such as hay and grain during the summer and winter months.  Usually our lambs are born in January and ewes are sheared in April.  Aged ewe and yearling fleeces are available from April until the clip is sold out.  A typical unskirted fleece ranges in weight from 5-8 lbs.  The average staple length ranges from 3 – 4 inches and the average crimp is 16-20 per inch.  Each fleece is skirted carefully to remove as much unwanted material as possible.  Our ewes roam freely on 129 acres and do not wear coats to protect their wool.  Photographs and specific details of each fleece are available in the store.  Be sure to ‘click’ on the picture to learn more about a given fleece.  In general fine wool is soft, comfortable to the touch, and perfect for both wearable products and display.

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