My wife and I have raised sheep for over 20 years in Stonewall, Texas.  We breed approximately 65 ewes (Delaine Merino-Corridale-Rambouillet cross) per year and market the wool and lambs.  Until a few years ago we sold our wool almost exclusively through a wool pool in Kerrville.  However with the encouragement of friends we now sell more individual fleeces locally to Fredericksburg and Texas Hill Country spinners, weavers, and craft-persons.  As you can imagine we’ve found a growing network of new friends who value high-quality fine wool and the effort it takes to produce it.  For the past few years we have attended the statewide fiber show in Boerne and plan to do so again this November.  Now, we bring our wool directly to you online.

My father-in-law taught me how to shear sheep many years ago.  I enjoy shearing my own flock despite all the challenges it presents.  Ideally shearing is complete by late April.  Each fleece is carefully skirted at shearing to remove undesirable material and then stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  We have both aged ewe and yearling wool available for sale on this website.  Please visit our shop often to view our expanding wool inventory as new fleece are added weekly during April and May.  We are committed to producing the best fine wool possible for you to enjoy.

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