About Us

My wife and I have raised sheep for over 20 years in Stonewall, Texas.  We breed approximately 65 ewes (Delaine Merino-Corridale-Rambouillet cross) per year and market the wool and lambs.  Until a few years ago we sold our wool almost


Our flock is comprised of Delaine Merino, Corridale, and Rambouillet bloodlines and produces what is considered a dual purpose lamb popular for both it’s wool and meat.  We sell ewe lambs to individual buyers primarily to start their own flock. 


We started our sheep operation in 1995 with 20 Delaine Merino-Corridale ewes selected from my father-in-law’s flock of over 300 ewes.   Our flock grew to 95 ewes by 2005 but the prolonged drought in the Texas Hill Country necessitated a